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Kelly Jones, 21, was arrested after bringing a .40-caliber handgun with an obliterated serial number into South Philadelphia High School Thursday. Police said Jones told them she didn’t know the gun was in her diaper bag.

Bail for a 21-year-old woman who police say brought a fully loaded handgun into South Philadelphia High School Thursday in a diaper bag has been set at $200,000, the District Attorney’s Office announced Friday.

Kelly Jones, who cops said is no stranger to law enforcement, went to the high school on Broad Street near Snyder Avenue around 10:45 a.m. to sign up for an evening high-school diploma program for adults, police and school officials said. When school police scanned the diaper bag she was carrying for her infant — who was also with her at the time — they found the .40-caliber gun, which police said had an obliterated serial number.

It was one of two incidents Thursday in which someone attempted to bring a gun into a Philadelphia high school.

Jones is charged with possession of a firearm with an altered serial number, possession of a firearm without a license, carrying a weapon on school property and related offenses. She’s set to appear in court for a preliminary hearing Jan. 29.

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In Robb v. Hudson, 2010 WL 3910305 (S.D.Ohio October 5, 2010) several employees of a bail bond agency sued the Commissioner of Insurance and other officials arguing that statutes, regulations or rules restricting the solicitation of bail bond business in courts or jails were unconstitutional. The Insurance Department had initiated administrative proceedings to revoke the license of the owner of the bail bond agency for violating the solicitation restrictions. The court found that the administrative proceedings, and any appeal from an adverse finding, provided an adequate opportunity to vindicate the constitutional rights involved. The court stayed the case pursuant to Younger v. Harris to avoid interference with the ongoing state proceeding.

In American Bankers Insurance Co. v. State, 2010 WL 3927238 (Fla.App. October 8, 2010) the surety appealed a forfeiture judgment. Prior to the forfeiture, the trial court had reinstated the bond without the surety’s permission. The Court of Appeal reversed the forfeiture judgment and remanded with directions to discharge the bond. The Court noted that the reinstatement violated §903.31(2), Florida Statutes, and that the County Clerk had not opposed the surety’s trial court motion to set aside the forfeiture and did not participate in the appeal.

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Ask most bail agents about their business these days and you’ll find out some sobering news. They are facing laying off hard working people, many of them family members, as they scramble to cut costs during the great recession. They are unable to pay their bills. They face eviction, foreclosure and possibly bankruptcy. Many long time agents (this one included) have never seen anything like this before. The drop-off in business is staggering. Two publications in California have just run stories about this. The Times Herald and the Imperial Valley Press both tell similar stories.
It boils down to this: Our clients have been hit the hardest by this economic downturn. With their homes underwater, many are unable to collateralize or pay for a bond. I read recently that the unemployment rate for the bottom ten percent of taxpayers is an astonishing 30%.
In Los Angeles County, crime is way down. This blows holes in many social theories linking economic hardship to crime. These are indeed strange times we are living through.

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Trouble in Paradise. Dog the (Showman) ‘bounty hunter’ faces problems as his two sons abandon him during filming of the show. What sort of family intrigue could rip them apart. Do these boys not know this man is their gravy train??? Read the post to find out more.

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L.A. County sheriff orders deputies to reduce confrontation after series of shootings

In response to an increase in fatal shootings by L.A. County deputies, Sheriff Lee Baca today will announce a revised policy aimed at reducing violent confrontations between deputies and suspects.

Under the new policy, deputies will be encouraged to contain suspects and wait for backup rather than immediately confronting and attempting to arrest them.

Deputies fatally shot 16 people in 2009 compared to nine in 2008.

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Bail Bonds and the Super Bowl have a long running connection. Learn more about celebrity and athlete arrests.

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48 year old ex-teen heartthrob Leif Garrett was arrested in Los Angeles. Find out details and what happened next.

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A Bail Agent answers two burning questions: “What is your favorite Bail Bonds movie?” and “What is the most realistic Bail Bonds movie?”

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Martin Luther King Jr’s struggle against racism was aided by the bail agents willing to help out those incarcerated by the powers that be.

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Man out on bail in beating of girlfriend arrested again
Staff writer

A DeLand man out on bail in the beating of his pregnant girlfriend attacked her again Tuesday, forcibly removing her clothes as he searched for money to buy prescription drugs, DeLand police said.

ShortStefan Short, 18, also held a cigarette to the woman’s eye, saying: “I am going to put this out in your eye if you don’t give me the money,” a police report states.

Short then tried to run from police by climbing into the attic and crawling over to a neighboring apartment but his feet broke through the ceiling and he almost fell inside, police said. He crawled into another apartment and climbed down inside, startling the renter and telling him the police were after him. Short exited through the front door and was arrested by awaiting officers, police said.

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