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I read the news story of two 80 year old nuns who have become fugitives. They have been living and teaching in a small town between Nice and Sanremo on the French Riviera for the last 50 years. They were notified that they were to be transferred to a remote mountaintop site 250 miles away. It was at this point that they went on the lam. “A third 89-year-old nun, Sister Maurice-Marie, has revealed she also wanted to flee but broke her leg four days before the two elderly sisters disappeared.”
I am hereby volunteering to search for these nuns. Here is why I am qualified.
1) I am Catholic.
2) I have 26+ years experience locating and returning fugitives.
3) I love the French Riviera. I can identify with them. If forced to leave the French Riviera after 50 years there, I’d be hesitant.
I can vow the following… I will stay there and search for these nuns no matter how long it takes. I promise to return them safely to the convent. Should they wish to remain as fugitives, I cannot arrest them and return them in France. (Only in the USA.) Forced by circumstances, I will stay with them until they return voluntarily. No matter how long it takes. Anybody interested?
Now if I could only find somebody to pay for me to go. Any takers?

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Ask most bail agents about their business these days and you’ll find out some sobering news. They are facing laying off hard working people, many of them family members, as they scramble to cut costs during the great recession. They are unable to pay their bills. They face eviction, foreclosure and possibly bankruptcy. Many long time agents (this one included) have never seen anything like this before. The drop-off in business is staggering. Two publications in California have just run stories about this. The Times Herald and the Imperial Valley Press both tell similar stories.
It boils down to this: Our clients have been hit the hardest by this economic downturn. With their homes underwater, many are unable to collateralize or pay for a bond. I read recently that the unemployment rate for the bottom ten percent of taxpayers is an astonishing 30%.
In Los Angeles County, crime is way down. This blows holes in many social theories linking economic hardship to crime. These are indeed strange times we are living through.

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Trouble in Paradise. Dog the (Showman) ‘bounty hunter’ faces problems as his two sons abandon him during filming of the show. What sort of family intrigue could rip them apart. Do these boys not know this man is their gravy train??? Read the post to find out more.

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Bail Bonds and the Super Bowl have a long running connection. Learn more about celebrity and athlete arrests.

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48 year old ex-teen heartthrob Leif Garrett was arrested in Los Angeles. Find out details and what happened next.

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A Bail Agent answers two burning questions: “What is your favorite Bail Bonds movie?” and “What is the most realistic Bail Bonds movie?”

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Martin Luther King Jr’s struggle against racism was aided by the bail agents willing to help out those incarcerated by the powers that be.

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Jailed for NOT Twittering? It happened, now prosecutors face the task of convicting…

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Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, Lindsay Lohan and other celebrities were victimized by a group of criminals who would stake them out and rob their homes. Members of the ring kept celebrity mementos, helping establish their guilt.

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How do police and bail agents differ in the way they hunt fugitives? Why do we have bail agents? Read this to gain insights.

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